#EverydayPhilippines Photograph in Fotoistanbul 2015

I found out that one of my photos, representing EverydayPhilippines, made it to this year’s Fotoistanbul by way of “The Everyday Projects” Exhibit.

Photo credit: Peter diCampo

Photo credit: Peter diCampo

Photo credit: Peter diCampo

Photo credit: Peter diCampo

This is quite special for me, having been a contributor, since Day 1, to Everyday Everywhere and EverydayPhilippines, both of which are part of the global movement that aims to share a “more representative narrative” of our world, narratives that focus, instead, on “moments that better illustrate normal life”.

The original image, shared via Instagram and posted on the Everyday Everywhere site, depicts three girls making sure everything’s okay before the start of their 1st Holy Communion ceremony.  

NatGeo Your Shot Highlights

It’s not the real thing, but it’s probably the closest I can get to being a photographer for National Geographic and having my work ‘published’ by the venerable society.  

The fact that the seasoned, discerning eyes of photo editors, photographers, curators of NatGeo stayed far longer than it should on my photograph, prompting a comment, an insight into what made them admire the image, is an honor in itself for me. 

I have to admit that I was giddy as a kid when I saw this photo, “A Mater of Fact”, bannering the “Inside Access” photo assignment. 

“A Mater of Fact” taken at the maternity ward of Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital

Fritz Hoffmann and Kathya Landeros, both National Geographic photographers and curators of this photo assignment had this to say: 

Hope to have another work published in NatGeo Your Shot soon.  It will be a good follow up to my first, entitled “Dive”, which got selected as one of 23 photos for the story “The Pool”.  


I’ve always believed it is important to keep a sense of innocence, the drive and persistence of an amateur inside in order to not lose sight, and hold, of the desire to improve. 

Which makes me, until now, an ardent follower of “The Daily Dozen” feature in Your Shot.  I have yet to succeed in putting any one of my photos in the 12 for any given day, but I did manage to have one achieve a “Baker’s Dozen” feature. :) 


“Street Sweep” will be at EyeEm’s Exhibit in Photoville 2015 in New York

“Street Sweep” will be part of EyeEm’s interactive photo exhibition at Photoville (New York, USA) from September 10th to 20th, 2015.

Beautiful images from the EyeEm community will be featured in 2 repurposed shipping containers, with New York’s stunning skyline as the backdrop.

About EyeEm at Photoville

“Based in and around repurposed shipping containers, the modular venue will host exhibitions, workshops and after-dark screenings in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with New York’s unparalleled skyline serving as the ultimate backdrop. Over 70,000 photography enthusiasts are expected to come and experience thought-provoking and exceptional photography from around the world.

Needless to say, there’s no way we’d miss out on this opportunity to showcase the amazing talent of the EyeEm Community! Alongside the likes of The NY Times, National Geographic and the Magnum Foundation, to name just a handful, we’re excited to get your images on display.”

More details here: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/2015/09/the-rise-of-real-photography-your-photos-at-photoville-in-nyc/

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