“Fish Tales” by Lawrence del Mundo at Laatikkomo

This black and white photograph of three boys fishing at the Shelter Port in Mahatao, Batanes, PH is currently the featured image on display at Laatikkomo - Six Degrees of Photography, a project inspired by the theory tested by American social psychologist, Stanley Milgram that suggests we can all be linked to each other through six people.

Laatikkomo visually tests this theory using six linkages of professional photographers around the world.

As the twelfth photographer of the first group (1:12), my image, a 185 cm x 100 cm print, will be displayed for 2 weeks from the 28th of November until the 12th of December, 2015 at Jyväskylä, Finland.


“Spectre Mills” Has Seen the Light on Lensculture

This was a photograph I took in 2012, when I was still fresh and green in the craft. 

I remember being stuck in a horrendous traffic on a highway out of town.  Fortunately, I had the camera with me when this truck slowly moved beside me.  An arm stretched out with a proud stick of cigarette in between the point and middle finger. 

Taking a photo was a no brainer. 

Quite the surprise I got when I learned that it was considered to be one of the stronger entries in the 1st Lensculture Street Photography Awards.  

This is one of my first street photos that generated more than its fair share of attention back then.  


(“Spectre Mills” is photo #199.)

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